Thursday, July 22, 2010

Request for Proposals: Indianapolis Art Center: Gateway Project Design Competition

RFP: Indianapolis Art Center: Gateway Project Design Competition
Entry Fee:
Submission Deadline: October 31, 2010
Award for Winning Design: $1000

Indianapolis Art Center
Exhibitions Department
820 E. 67th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Site Description:
Located in north Broad Ripple Village, along the banks of the White River, lies the state-of-the-art Indianapolis Art Center. The facility opened on May 31, 1996 and was designed by world-renowned architect and Indianapolis native Michael Graves.

The exterior of the building is peach, red ochre and blue and serves as a landmark for Broad Ripple Village and North College Avenue. In 2005, ArtsPark, a 9-acre sculpture garden and park, was completed and opened to the public. In the summer of 2007 ArtsPark expanded to include a sensory path, canoe launch and additional permanent sculptures.

College Avenue at 67th street is the main vehicle entrance to the Art Center. It is a four lane avenue divided by a landscaped median. Traffic heading south bound on College crosses the White River north of 67th and then, entering Broad Ripple, turns left to access the Art Center at 67th. IndyGo (Indianapolis’ bus system) has a northbound and southbound bus stop at this location.

About Broad Ripple Village
You can learn more about Broad Ripple by visiting

Scope of Project:
This gateway will serve as an entryway to first, the Indianapolis Art Center
and second, Broad Ripple Village. The word “art” must be incorporated in to the
overall design. The design must take into account that automobile, bicycle, and
pedestrian traffic will go under this gateway and city and state laws will need
to be observed. Since there are residences nearby loud or bright installations
may not be appropriate.

Additional possibilities for design include incorporating a pedestrian and/or bicycle bridge over College Avenue as part of the design and/or incorporating the existing bus stops into the design. This intersection is near the Monon Rail Trail which is a highly trafficked pedestrian greenway. The gateway should be a work of art in itself and these functional aspects would be secondary to

Modular proposals will be accepted. Allowing several variations on a theme or phases of development is acceptable.

A prize of $1000 will be awarded to the winning design. The winning design will become the property of the Indianapolis Art Center with credit given to the creator(s).

Project budget will be funded based on winning design but has not as of yet been determined. Fabrication, insurance, installation, landscaping, travel, architect/artist fees and incidental costs will be covered in the project budget.

Since the money will be raised by the Indianapolis Art Center from private donors the Art Center reserves the right to release the design back to the artist/group if after 3 years from the award date the money has not been realized. This would not affect the payment of the $1000 prize for the winning design.

Furthermore, the Art Center reserves the right to solicit new designs at any time if 3 years from the award date pass and the project budget is not realized.

This project is open to all architects, artists and designers as well as artist and design teams working in the United States. Individuals must be over 18 years of age.

Selection Criteria:
Primary selection criteria include:
  • design concept based on submitted proposal
  • incorporation of the word “art” in to the design
  • design concept able to meet city and state requirements concerning installations over roads
  • overall feasibility of project and proposed budget
  • demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, work within timelines and meet deadlines

Selection Process:

The Indianapolis Art Center will facilitate the review process. We anticipate involving the Exhibitions, Education, and Development departments as well as members of the Broad Ripple Village Association and local arts professionals.

Entry Fee:
A $25 non-refundable entry fee must be paid to the Indianapolis Art Center to enter this
competition. This must be submitted as a check or money order along with the mailed application.

Applications Mailed to:
Indianapolis Art Center
Gateway Design Contest
Attn: Patrick Flaherty
820 E. 67th
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Submission Requirements:
  • A one page narrative statement describing the proposal
  • A proposed budget. This should include projected fabrication, installation, landscaping, travel, architect/artist fees and incidental costs that would be associated with the building of the proposed gateway. 
  • A curriculum vitae and/or resume of the individual or group. Groups can choose to submit one CV as a whole if appropriate. 
  • A CD with at least 12 but no more than 30 views/renderings/details of the proposed gateway (this can include digital pictures of a maquette). 
  • An image description sheet to correspond with the images on the CD including title, date, dimensions, media and any other relevant information 
  • Optional: Up to 10 images of previous projects completed on this or a similar scale

A SASE must be included to have materials returned

Submissions are to be received by October 31, 2010.

Notifications will be sent out by December 31, 2010.

See below for street views and a map with approximate dimensions...

College Avenue facing North
College Avenue facing South
67th Street facing West
67th Street facing East

Here is a map of the area.


  1. Where might we find information about city and state requirements concerning installations over roads?

  2. Specific code related information can be found at Additional information can be found at

    If no specific information is found concerning gateways submit your proposal as is. When the actual project moves forward the Art Center will be responsible for filing the appropriate permits and will work with the designer(s) to meet code.

  3. Is there a preferred span for the gateway: i.e., over 67th Street or College Avenue only, or both? And is there a preference for the direction(s) from which the word "Art" is to be read? Thanks.

  4. There is much more traffic on College so the primary span should cross College. However, 67th can be incorporated too.

    The word "art" should definitely be read coming south on College but can be incorporated on the other sides as well.

  5. Given that the Indianapolis Art Center is open on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 30 and 31st, can we drop off our submission on those days, and avoid the mail?

    Thank you,

  6. You are fine to drop them off at the Front Desk.