Thursday, July 1, 2010

Call for Entries: Public Art for the New Wishard

Application via

Public Art for the New Wishard
Blackburn Architects, Inc.
3388 Founders Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Images: 6

DEADLINE: August 16, 2010; midnight MDT

U.S.-based professional artists over the age of 18 and working in any style are eligible to submit their qualifications. Artist teams, particularly those containing a licensed design professional, are encouraged. The contribution of each team member to the successful realization of the project should be readily discernable from the submission materials.

Artists working in a variety of media, including but not limited to painting, printmaking, sculpture, architectural art glass, stone, wood, photography, fiber, glass or ceramic tile, metal, light, and new media images or video will be considered.

Wishard respects and promotes cultural diversity and encourages artists of varying backgrounds and experiences to submit their qualifications. There is an active Diversity Plan for the Wishard Hospital Replacement Facility project to provide the maximum practicable opportunity to the full range of business enterprises to participate.

Only the items indicated below, and all of the items, should be submitted. Do not submit any concept drawings or narratives of design intentions related to the Wishard project. Missing items will disqualify the applicant from jury review. Uploaded items that do not adhere to the required format will be ignored and the application will be disqualified as incomplete during the jury review. Text-based items should be formatted to fit a vertical 8 ½” x 11” page with minimum 1” margins and minimum 11pt type size. The file size for each uploaded item must not exceed 2 MB. The maximum number of pages is indicated with each required item. The lead applicant’s name should appear at the top of each uploaded document. Text items should be uploaded in PDF (preferred) or Word format.

1. Images of past work. Exactly six (6) images of representative work must be uploaded. Only one artwork may be presented in each image; however, the image may contain up to two views of the artwork and several images may describe the same artwork within the 6-image limit. Images must be of artwork only with no text and each image should have a unique title. At least one of the submitted images must be of a completed artwork. If a project has been commissioned but is not yet completed, the approved project rendering may be submitted as a representative work. Artists may submit renderings from public art proposals that were not selected for commissioning if they are properly identified as such; in addition, the number of unrealized proposals submitted must not exceed three (3) total. Teams should submit images of jointly-realized work if available. If submitting as a team and no jointly-executed work is available, each team member should submit images of his or her individual work. Please use standard CaFE image formatting (for information, visit

2. Image descriptions. Provide a description of the project, site or design challenge and the artist’s solution, not to exceed 300 characters per image (including spaces).

3. Current artist’s resume. Please upload a resume of maximum two typed pages per individual artist or team member. Teams may include an optional page containing a list of projects (title, date, location and budget) realized jointly by the team. Resumes must include full contact information.

4. Artist statement. This statement should describe the general nature of the applicant’s approach to making art for the public realm. Applicant may address favorite themes, the nature of past community involvement, or a preferred medium, format or technique. Applicants may also directly address one or more of the designated selection criteria listed elsewhere in this RFQ. Please use clear language with a minimum of “art-jargon,” and do not exceed 3000 characters (including spaces) for this statement.

5. References. Please upload a list of three to five professional references including complete contact information (name, address, telephone number and email if available). The listed references should have a good knowledge of the applicant’s work and capacity to execute public projects. Please do not exceed one page for this list.

6. Additional questions. The submission process will ask applicants the following additional questions, which all have multiple choice answers. Please select the most appropriate answer(s) from the choices given. Answers are required for all questions. No special preparation is required to answer these questions.

a. Does the applicant have any connection to Indiana or Indianapolis? (answer options will explore the nature of the connection and will allow more than one response)

b. Has the applicant previously completed a healthcare-related project? (yes/no)

c. Is the applicant certified as a MBE or WBE in applicant’s home city or state, or registered as a VBE with the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs? (answer options will allow more than one response)

d. Has the applicant had a prior personal or professional experience with Wishard Health Services? (answer options will explore the nature of the connection and will allow more than one response)

e. Has the applicant worked on a LEED-registered project before? (yes/no)

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