Friday, July 2, 2010

Indianapolis Zoo: Naturally Inspired Paint Out Events

Naturally Inspired Paint Out Events - 2010

On May 1, 2010, the Indianapolis Zoo held Naturally Inspired Paint Out Day on the Zoo and White River Gardens grounds. Artists painted any subject of their choosing, en plein air. 

  • June 1-August 25, 2010 - Paint Out Art Exhibit, in partnership with The Great Frame Up of Indianapolis, White River Gardens, Schaefer Rotunda, White River Gardens

  • August 26, 2010 - Silent Auction & Artists Reception in partnership with The Great Frame Up of Indianapolis, 5:30-7:30pm, Hulman Riverhouse, White River Gardens
The artworks have been framed and hung by The Great Frame Up and are hung on display in the Schaefer Rotunda at the Gardens throughout the rest of the summer for the public to enjoy at their leisure. On August 26, the public is again invited to attend a silent auction and artists reception inside the Hulman Riverhouse at the Gardens.  These beautiful and inspiring works of art will be sold to the highest bidders, while all attendees will be able to speak with the artists themselves about their work and the process of painting in the open air.  All proceeds benefit the Indianapolis Zoo.

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