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Request for Proposals: Suwanee SculpTour 2012/2013

Request for Proposal (RFP)/Call to Artists
Suwanee SculpTour 2012/2013
Public Art exhibit of original outdoor sculptures displayed
May, 2012 – March, 2013 in Downtown Suwanee
City of Suwanee, Georgia

The Suwanee Public Arts Commission (PAC) is seeking proposals from artists and/or artist
teams for design, execution and installation of original outdoor sculptures to be displayed from
May 2012 through the end of March 2013 in downtown Suwanee. The objective is to have a
well-balanced exhibit of sculptures with a variety of styles, types, and sizes. Specific locations
will be determined depending upon submissions. The inaugural Suwanee SculpTour was
installed in May 2011 incorporating 15 pieces and was received enthusiastically by residents and
visitors alike. Visit for information on the
current/ongoing SculpTour.
Program goals include:
Enhance Suwanee’s downtown with an exhibit of original and unique pieces of art.
Stimulate interest in Suwanee’s public art initiative and add cultural value to the area.
Serve as an economic development tool by attracting visitors, residents, and businesses to
the area.
Generally, SculpTour locations may include the following:
Suwanee Town Center (including Town Center Park, Town Center Avenue, and side
streets connecting to Town Center Avenue).
Both entrances to the railroad underpass.
Main Street from the underpass to the commercial district near pavilion/Scales Street.

A community of 16,000+ residents, the City of Suwanee is recognized as one of the premier
small municipalities in the metro Atlanta area, Georgia, and the nation. Already an awardwinning
community, recognized twice by Money Magazine as one of America’s best places to
live, the City is committed to continually enhancing our citizens’ quality of life and our
community’s long-term economic vitality.
Believing that public art plays a significant role in helping to create a well-rounded, vibrant
community, the Suwanee Public Arts Commission (PAC) was established in 2008. The PAC
was charged with enhancing the quality of life in Suwanee through public art. The group has
commissioned artwork for Suwanee’s new City Hall: a spectacular suspended sculpture created
by world-renown industrial artist Koryn Rolstad. Leading by example, the City of Suwanee set
aside 1 percent of construction costs of the new City Hall for public art. In turn, Suwanee
encourages developers to commit 1 percent of their new projects’ cost to fund public art on their
property or support public art in other locations throughout the community. This is one of many
initiatives being developed and coordinated through the PAC.
The Suwanee SculpTour was the next step in bringing public art to the area. The SculpTour
program is funded through generous donations from individuals, families, and area businesses
and serves as an economic development and tourism endeavor. The inaugural Suwanee
SculpTour was installed in May 2011 and incorporated 15 pieces.
The City’s Town Center, anchored by Town Center Park (a 10-acre urban-style park), is a
successful and highly visible mixed-use complex. The area includes more than seven acres of
park/lawn area, an interactive fountain, an amphitheater, retail shops and a residential
component. Thousands of people visit the park each year and attend its numerous concerts,
festivals, and events.
The SculpTour program will provide promotional materials marketing the exhibit, artists, and
sponsors. The public will be encouraged to explore each sculpture through walking and driving
tours to be proposed in the promotional materials.
Additional information about the City of Suwanee and downtown, including photos and maps,
may be obtained at and .

The SculpTour program is open to artists (or teams of related disciplines) who submit an
application on time, can meet the various program requirements, and are selected to participate.
Prior experience in public art is not required.

The number of pieces chosen will be 10-20 depending on available funding.
The size of pieces can vary and will be located as appropriate. Potential sites are suited
for small-scale as well as large-scale sculptures (minimum height of about 30 inches).
Generally, market value of sculptures should be in the range of $5,000 to $25,000 in
order to compete in the “People’s Choice” contest (described in section VI of this RFP).
However, more expensive pieces are not discouraged from being submitted for inclusion
in the SculpTour exhibit.
All sculptures will be insured for liability and physical damage through the City of
Artists may submit up to three pieces for consideration. There is no fee to the artist for
submitting artwork.
All entries must be original works of the submitting artist or team of artists, however,
they do not need to have been created specifically for this exhibit.
All sculptures need to be made of durable material appropriate for outdoor (and at times
adverse) weather conditions (high winds, low temperatures, high temperatures, snow
storms, high traffic areas). Pieces should be constructed with audience safety in mind for
display in a public setting.
Most of the sculptures will be displayed on steel or concrete pedestals or pads designed to
fit the location and/or the artwork.
All sculptures must be able to be structurally secured to a steel or concrete pad with
anchor bolts or similar devices.
Artists will be responsible for the timely installation and removal of their sculpture(s).
See the timeline/schedule in section VIII of this RFP.
Artists are responsible for shipping and delivering the artwork to and from the installation
Accepted entries will receive an agreement outlining further information including details
regarding delivery and installation/placement of the artwork.

The artists chosen to participate in the SculpTour exhibit will receive a one-time stipend up to
$1,000 per sculpture, of which $500 will be paid within 30 days of delivery and installation of
the sculpture. The additional $500 will be given to artists for sculptures not ultimately purchased
through the program and properly removed at the end of the specified display period. Selected
sculptures must be displayed for the entire duration of the exhibit. Additionally, artists chosen to
participate will be eligible to win cash awards totaling more than $5,000 (depending on available
The artwork remains the property of the artist throughout the exhibit and reverts to the artist’s
custody at the conclusion of the exhibit. In essence, the artwork is “rented/loaned” to the exhibit.
All sculptures will be insured for liability and physical damage through the City of Suwanee.
The PAC may elect to purchase the artwork and has the right of first refusal after the exhibit
period has ended. Artists submitting proposals agree that the City of Suwanee and/or the PAC
may reproduce images of the artwork for non-commercial, educational, and promotional
purposes, with credit given to the artist when artwork is highlighted.

The Suwanee Public Arts Commission (PAC) and the City will promote the sale of sculptures to
the public – either for personal/commercial use or as a permanent donation to the City and/or the
PAC. Artist(s) may sell the work during the exhibition period; however, the work should remain
on site for the duration of the exhibition. The SculpTour would receive 25 percent of the
purchase price on sold sculptures and 20 percent on commissioned works. Should someone wish
to donate the piece to the PAC or should the PAC purchase the piece, the SculpTour would forgo
the 25 percent and discount the sale price by the amount equal to 25 percent.
If SculpTour funding allows, the PAC will organize an on-line voting procedure wherein visitors
of the exhibit can “vote” for their favorite sculpture – the “People’s Choice” award. Provided
funding is in place, the PAC will purchase that piece of public art for its permanent collection.
The chosen sculpture will then be displayed in one of Suwanee’s numerous public spaces or
parks. This is currently being done as part of the 2011/2012 SculpTour (please visit ).

The selection committee will be comprised of the Suwanee Public Arts Commission and
possibly other community members/artists. The committee will make a recommendation to the
Suwanee City Council.
RFP submissions will be evaluated on the following:
Appropriateness (fit, theme, etc.) to the area, City of Suwanee, etc.
General community appeal
Maintenance/longevity of the artwork; preference may be given to pieces requiring less
maintenance and better sustainability of materials
Quality of materials and execution
Ease of installation
Sale price of artwork
Other evaluation criteria not outlined above may be included as necessary

January 9, 2012 RFP distributed to artists
Feb 17, 2012 RFP submission deadline
Feb 17-March 9, 2012 Review RFPs
March 30, 2012 Artist/artwork selection complete; notification via e-mail
May 7-11, 2012 Artwork to be installed
May, 2012 – March, 2013 Public art exhibition and on-line voting
March 26-31, 2013 Artwork to be removed
(All dates may be subject to change.)

Submit two (2) printed copies of all items listed below. (If a three-dimensional or textured
model is submitted, one model will be sufficient.) Each page of presentation (all submitted
materials) should clearly indicate your name and project title.
Additionally, provide one CD containing all of the items listed below in PDF, MSWord, or JPEG
(high resolution, 300 dpi minimum) format.
Present your materials in the following order:
1. Application Form (see attached form on page 6). Application must be completed in full.
2. Artist’s bio.
3. Project/sculpture title and narrative description of proposed artwork (not to exceed two
pages; maximum of about 750 words). Narrative should include origin of idea, theme,
design/creative rationale, etc. Narrative must include approximate dimensions and
weight, installation requirements, proposed materials, and any other special requirements.
4. Color photo/drawing/image/model of proposed artwork.
Artist will not be compensated for RFP submissions regardless of medium presented. All
materials submitted become the property of the Suwanee Public Arts Commission. Items will be
returned upon request. Requests for the return of submission materials must be received in
writing by March 30, 2012.
The Suwanee Public Arts Commission (PAC) reserves the right to accept or reject any and
all submittals, waive technicalities and informalities, change scope of work, and amend said
Request for Proposal as desired by the PAC. The PAC reserves the right to negotiate with
any artists and to select the artists that best meet the PAC’s needs.

Submissions to be received by 4:00 p.m., ET, Friday, February 17, 2012.
Submit qualifications and information to the following address:
Suwanee Public Arts Commission, c/o: SculpTour
City of Suwanee, 330 Town Center Avenue, Suwanee, GA 30024

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Denise Brinson or Toni
Shrewsbury at 770-945-8996 or at or .
Please go to for additional
information/attachments including promotional brochures, selected news clippings, and a link to
the 2011 Suwanee SculpTour podcast (available now on iTunes).

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