Thursday, January 26, 2012

International Juried Photo Show: Through a Lense, Vibrant

2012 Kellicutt International Juried Photo Show Through a Lens: Vibrant!
Hosted by the Coastal Arts League, Half Moon Bay, California

Scott Atkinson - Landscape photographer and Sierra Club Calendar Editor
Michael Collopy - Preeminent Portrait photographer
Kate Jordahl - Professor of Photography and Digital Imaging

First Prize: $2,000 (Over $3,500 in total prizes) (prizes in US dollars)
Entry deadline: February 29th, 2012 (received by)
Exhibition: July 2012 ?
Eligibility: Open to all photographers internationally using any photographic style

About this year's theme Vibrant and vibrate have the same latin root word: “vibrare” meaning to move rapidly and rhythmically to and fro. While vibrate means virtually the same thing in English, vibrant has additional connotations as it applies to brightness of light or color, or as in how liveliness or energetic is the given subject. Through a Lens: Vibrant! gives the photographer several options. Vibrant could apply to a light or hue in the composition, or it could apply to the subject, as to a person or in a street. It could even be stretched to apply to the process – check out the vibrance adjustment layer in photoshop. Which definition of “Vibrant!” will you choose?

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See last year's show Through A Lens: Inspiration or Desperation

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