Thursday, December 15, 2011

Request For Proposals: City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Bureau of Public Art, Department of Public Works-City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania

RFQ Application Deadline: 5:00pm Jan 30, 2012

Budget $55,000.00

The Bureau of Public Art seeks to commission a qualified artist/team to create an original work of art that will be permanently installed outdoors and integrated in a renovated public park. A pool of fifteen (15) qualified artists will be developed from the applicants and presented to the client, stakeholders, and city officials.

Three (3) finalists will be invited to submit a formal proposal for the commission. A $1,500.00 stipend for each finalist will be provided. Finalists will be provided detailed narrative, context, technical site drawings, timelines, photographs and an opportunity for a site visit.

The outstanding pool will be incorporated into a database for future potential projects commissioned by the Bureau of Public Art and the City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Digital portfolios and web links with “NEA/Sprite” in the subject line to;

Submit physical portfolios with CD and support materials to:
John Lustig-Public Art Manager
120 N. Duke Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

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