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Request for Proposals: The New Evansville Arena Project

Application Deadline: October 15, 2010

In November 2011, Evansville, Indiana will celebrate the grand opening of a new 11,000-seat, multi-purpose arena. The focal point for a downtown revitalization, the new arena is designed to become the premium sports and entertainment venue in the area. The open-air plaza adjoining the entrance to the new arena has been identified as the location for a major piece of public art. The New Evansville Arena Project, in cooperation with the Evansville Public Art Commission and the Evansville Arena Advisory Committee, intends to award a commission to an artist or artist team to design, plan, create, fabricate, transport and install a work of public art on this open-air plaza adjoining the entrance to the new Evansville arena. The commission is open to all artists or artist teams authorized to work in the United States. Accordingly, the Arena Project requests that any interested party submit a proposal for consideration for this commission in accordance with this request.

Description of the Desired Work
This competition seeks an aesthetically pleasing, imaginative, innovative, site-specific piece of art that has a purpose and a belonging, a sculptural piece that will have a positive impact on the location. The winning design must make a strong visual statement, must convey a sense of progress, and must be inviting, intriguing and thought provoking without being imposing. The winning sculpture will be a focal point not only for the new arena but also for the entire city. As a destination point for residents and visitors of all ages, it will become a visual identity for the City of Evansville. As part of the City’s collection of public art, the City will have complete ownership of the work.

The selected design must be appropriate to all the varied activities that will take place in the arena and the surrounding area. A single focus will not serve all audiences. The winning design will support the arena and not compete or detract from its architectural prominence. To encourage the greatest range of artistic creativity and possibilities, proposals may employ any medium. However, the successful sculpture will be durable, easily cleaned, low-maintenance, and suitable in form, material and content for a mixed-ages audience that will include young children.

The commissioned work will be installed in the arena plaza, located near the corner of Sixth and Main Streets in downtown Evansville. A dimensioned drawing of the plaza is attached to this RFP. Also consult the website: http://www.evansvillearenaproject.com/

Subject to the nature of the project and the skills of the artist and the artist’s team, fabrication and installation will be included as part of the Artist’s contract. The payment under the contract will be all-inclusive, covering design, construction and/or fabrication, delivery, site preparation, lighting other than basic ground level illumination, insurance, consultant fees, and installation. Artist(s)’ travel (if applicable) and all other costs associated with the project including artist(s) fee are included in this amount. Routine basic ground level illumination of the work will be provided by the Arena project outside of the budget for the acquisition of the piece. If the work requires integrated lighting, elevated lighting, or elaborate ground-level lighting, the cost of that element should be included by the artist in the proposed acquisition cost of the piece. The artist(s) will submit final designs to the Arena Project design team and City of Evansville for architectural and engineering reviews. Installation of the piece must be concluded on or before October 1, 2011.

Proposal Process
Artists are invited to respond to this notice through the submission of a proposal that provides the information described below, including material about the artist, a narrative description of the proposed work, graphic material, information on conservation and maintenance, and the proposed acquisition and installation cost, including the artist’s fee.

Proposal Contents

Proposals must include the following:
  • Contact Information
  • The name, address, telephone number and email address of the artist(s). In the case of an artist team, one contact person should be designated as its representative.
  • Team Composition (if applicable):
  • Names, specializations, and resumes of all members of an artist team must be submitted.
  • Resume
  • Full resumes for artists and all members of the artist teams are required. Artist(s) must indicate past experience with production of commissioned art projects; any past experiences with public art projects, particularly in consulting with governmental or other agencies; and the successful completion of previous projects on time and within budget.
  • References
  • Contact information (name, address, telephone number and email address) for three (3) professional references for the artist or other key individuals involved in the production of the art are required.
  • Images of Past Work
  • Artists must submit images of three to five (3 to 5) previous works for review. Images must be provided in digital format with printed copies.
  • Narrative Description of Proposed Work - The narrative should describe the proposed work’s physical attributes, including materials, fabrication methods, size and configuration and method of installation; the artistic intent of the piece; how viewers will relate to and/or interact with the work; and how it relates to the arena.
  • Images of Proposed Work
  • Drawings, site drawings, and a small model may be submitted to convey the essential characteristics of the proposed work and its relationship to the arena. All materials are submitted at the risk of the artist, who will be solely responsible for any loss or damage to drawings or model, including any loss or damage caused by the negligence of the individuals receiving the submission or handling the submission following receipt.
  • Conservation or Maintenance Requirements - The artist will provide information on recommended maintenance; anticipated durability of the work; and its projected lifespan. This portion of the narrative should include how the design and materials of the work will minimize potential damage and the need for repairs resulting from weathering, public use – including touching – or potential vandalism. Artists should project anticipated costs for annual care, maintenance and conservation.
  • Fee and Budget - The submitted budget should include all costs associated with the artist(s) fees, materials, fabrication costs, site preparation, transportation, installation, supportive on-site infrastructure and materials regarding electricity and/or lighting, and a projected cash flow of payments, recognizing that the final payment will not be made until after the installation of the work is complete. The budget must make appropriate provisions for security for the work during installation and for contingencies.
The proposal may also contain other information the artist believes will be helpful to the selection process. Focus and brevity will be positively considered.

The proposal must provide a timeframe for completion of proposed work including its installation. The schedule may assume that selection will be announced by February 1, 2011.

Form of submission
Each submission should consist of one original and eight (8) hard copies, plus an electronic copy. Any confidential material should be separated from the non-confidential material.

Submissions should be presented as 8 ½ x 11-inch documents or as documents easily folded to that size. Oversize documents, presentation boards, or elaborate models are not favored at this stage in the process. Each submission should clearly identify the artist(s) making the submission. Each submission should also clearly identify the point of contact, including all relevant contact information.

Each submission should be addressed and submitted to:
John J. Kish, Arena Project Director
Office of Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel
One N.W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Suite 302
Evansville, Indiana 47708

Submissions must be received prior to 5 p.m. CDT on Friday October 15, 2010. Written questions concerning this RFP may be submitted through the Arena Project website at http://www.evansvillearenaproject.com/content/contact-us. Questions received fewer than 10 days prior to the due date identified above may not receive a response.

Submission of materials in response to this request constitutes agreement with the provisions of the selection process. Artists are solely responsible for all costs they incur in preparing responses to this RFP. Materials submitted in response to this request will not be returned unless prior arrangements are made with the Arena Project team.

Review and Selection Process
All proposals submitted in accordance with this RFP will be reviewed for consideration. However, proposals that indicate an acquisition and installation cost in excess of $200,000 may not be evaluated further. The fee and budget proposal must include a complete cost of acquisition and installation, established at a level sufficient to cover the artist’s fee and costs of creation, shipping and installation of the piece. In addition to budgetary issues, proposals presenting concepts that illustrate or reference negative images or behaviors or present individuals, groups, companies or institutions which are or could be specifically identified are not likely to be evaluated further.

Proposals submitted in response to this request will be reviewed by a group of individuals identified by the Arena Project, the Evansville Public Art Commission and the Arena Project Advisory Committee. That group, which will not include any artists seeking consideration, will select some of the proposals for further development and presentation to the Arena Project Advisory Committee and the Evansville Public Art Commission for comment. Following receipt of those comments, a final recommendation will be submitted to the Evansville Redevelopment Commission (ERC).

Commission Contract
The artist or artist team commissioned for this effort will be compensated for the work and its finished installation through the commissioning contract. Under the terms of the contract, the selected piece will be acquired by the Evansville Redevelopment Commission, together with all rights to display it, reproduce it and display derivative works in perpetuity. The Commission shall also acquire the right to relocate the piece, including the right to end its display, at its sole discretion.

All decisions made during the selection process are final, subject only to review of the resulting recommendation by the Evansville Redevelopment Commission. The right is reserved to reject any submission, or terminate or modify the evaluation and selection process at any time for any reason without prior notice. The Commission additionally reserves the right to waive any deficiency in a submitted response.

Other Information
This request is intended to publicize the availability of the opportunity. The new Evansville Arena Project, the Evansville Public Art Commission, and the Arena Project Advisory Committee are conducting this process for the purpose of making a recommendation to the ERC. The selection of an artist and the selection of a work and the award of any contract of the type described herein are within the judgment and sole discretion of the Evansville Redevelopment Commission. This notice is intended to initiate the process to provide the ERC with information helpful in the exercise of its judgment to evaluate the qualifications and proposals of various artists and to determine the actions to be taken to advance its best interests.

Neither the Arena Project, the Advisory Committee, the ERC nor any other person or entity create any obligation, expressed or implied, by issuance of this notice, or by receipt and consideration of any responses. You should be aware that this is a publicly owned facility and the selection of the artist and piece will be accomplished in a transparent process. Additionally, materials contained in submissions responsive to this announcement may be subject to the Indiana Public Records Act, IC 5-14-3 et. seq., and subject to disclosure following the conclusion of the period of time during which the selection is being deliberated. Responses that the artist seeks to protect from disclosure are requested to be made in two distinct parts, only one of which may contain material that is considered confidential. Any such confidential submission will be subject to evaluation under the Public Records Act and all such information must be clearly marked "Confidential" and must specify which statutory exception provision applies. ERC reserves the right to make its own determinations of confidentiality. If the ERC does not agree that the information designated as confidential should be withheld from public access under the Act, it will so advise the person submitting the information. Overly burdensome claims for exemptions from public access may cause the ERC to reject the submission.

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