Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Call for Artists: American Scene

Call for Artists

The Indianapolis Art Center’s outreach department is looking for 3 Indianapolis artists to work within a new summer public art program for children that we piloted last summer. The new program, American Scene, is designed to introduce youth from underserved areas of Indianapolis between the ages of 8-12 to public works of art created under the 1930’s WPA- Works Progress Administration and Public Works of Art Project. Specifically, students will learn about both Indianapolis based and national American Scene artists whose works of art reflected the hardships faced by people across the country as a result of the Great Depression. The artwork that is created during this project will mirror one part of the American Scene movement, we will ask youth to reflect upon their community and surroundings. A maximum of 25 students will work with each artist at a community partner location to create a small to mid-size piece of public art that incorporates the students’ view of their community and then later be installed at the community partner location.

We are looking for artists with a background in creating murals or sculptural pieces and who have had some kind of experience working with children. Those with this experience are encouraged to submit the following by March 8, 2010.

  • Resume and 3 professional references
  • One written concept proposal (no longer than one page) that expresses an overall image or concept the students will work within and indicates how the students message and artwork will be implemented using a particular media. If providing a 2D concept please note that most sites will only be able to accommodate a 10’ tall x 20’ length or smaller space.
  • A CD with 5 images of your artwork

Mail to:
Laura Alvarado
Director of Outreach
820 E. 67th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46220

For additional information please email

Once chosen, each artist will be expected to team teach students about artwork produced under the WPA and American Scene movement with the assistance of an artist assistant, lead youth through the process of creating a small to mid-size piece of artwork and assist with the installation or logistics concerning installing the artwork at the community partner site.

  • Total direct contact/working hours with children in the summer = 20 hours
  • Total preparation and installation hours = 30 hours
Total paid for the 50 hours of work= $1250.00

Please note that the material expense will be covered by the Art Center’s outreach dept.

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