Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Patrick Flaherty named 2009-10 Stutz Studio Resident

Patrick Flaherty, Angel of Foreclosure, Mixed Media 2008

In addition to maintaining the posts on this blog I too am a fellow Artist Member. So here's a little press I just picked up.

From the Indianapolis Art Center:

Indianapolis Art Center staffer and printmaking department chair selected to receive free studio space at the Stutz for a year

The Stutz Artists Association announced Monday that Patrick Flaherty, exhibitions associate at the Indianapolis Art Center and head of the Art Center's printmaking deparment, is one of two recipients for the Stutz Studio Residency Program. Valued at $6,000 per artist, the residency program is one of the largest grants to an individual artist in the state. Two recipients are selected each year and receive free studio space and utilities in the Stutz building for one year. Flaherty was one of two recipients from about 24 who submitted applications.

"Lately I've been working with two bodies of work, one realistic and the other more cerebral. I'm excited because I'll be able to explore these two forms more fully. By the Stutz Open House next spring, I hope to have a complete body of work," said Flaherty. He plans to continue developing works in woodcuts and mixed media paintings.

Flaherty graduated with a masters degree in printmaking from Ball State University. He sees the residency program as a new level of exposure for him and his art. "I've done shows here and there where people may see my work at different times in different galleries. Having a full-time studio is the logical next step for gaining more consistent, professional exposure," Flaherty said. "My home studio is great, but I work with large-scale paintings and so that limits the number of works I can develop at any one time. I have been developing work for particular shows or exhibitions versus developing more art because I was reluctant to make anything I didn't have space to store."

"The committe was pleased with the quality and caliber of all the candidates this year. It was difficult to choose," said Kate Oberreich, the Stutz's Selection Committee Chair. "The committee felt that, in addition to his administrative and teaching backgrounds and his experience running one of the largest art fairs in Indianapolis (Broad Ripple Art Fair), Patrick was at a key point in his art career. He will really benefit from the residency."

Dave Thomas, vice president of programming at the Art Center, is thrilled with Flaherty's selection. "The Art Center was established during 1934 as a Works Progress Administration program to employ artists," he said. "We continue that mission today, contracting with about 175 artists each year to teach our 900-some classes and workshops. It's fitting that for our 75th anniversary, we have a staff member, who's also a faculty member, selected for this prestigious residency program."

About Patrick Flaherty: Flaherty has been a staff member at the Art Center since late 2003 in various roles and in 2009 was also named head of the printmaking department. He teaches printmaking classes and sampler classes at the Art Center

Flaherty is part of the folk band, Gamblin' Christmas ( and has played music the last five years at the Stutz Open House. "It'll be fun to be on the inside looking out for the next Open House," he said. Flaherty lives south of Broad Ripple with his wife Valorie and their two daughters.

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