Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Film coming to Landmark Theaters

Landmark Theaters
8702 Keystone Crossing,
Suite 201A
Indianapolis, IN 46240

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Coming Soon:

From Landmark Theaters:

In the midst of the repression and political unrest of pre-Spanish Civil War, eccentric artist Salvador Dalí (Robert Pattinson, Twilight) and renowned poet and revolutionary Federico García Lorca (Javier Beltrán) find their artistic and sexual freedom. The two form a bond challenged by their fierce ambitions, their friends, the struggle between a love for Spain and a love for each other. In 1922, Madrid is wavering on the edge of change as traditional values are challenged by the dangerous new influences of jazz, Freud and the avant-garde. Salvador Dalí arrives at university at the age of 18, determined to become a great artist. His bizarre blend of shyness and rampant exhibitionism attracts the attention of two of the university's social elite—Federico García Lorca and Luis Buñuel (Matthew McNulty).

is absorbed into their decadent group and for a time Salvador, Luis and Federico become a formidable trio. However, as time passes, Salvador feels an increasingly strong pull toward the charismatic Federico—who is oblivious to the attention he is getting from the beautiful Magdalena (Marina Gatell). Federico and Salvador spend the holiday in the seaside town of Cadaqués. Both the idyllic surroundings and the warmth of the Dalí family sweep Federico off his feet. Salvador and he draw closer, sharing their deepest beliefs, inspirations and secrets, convinced that they have found a kind of friendship undreamt of by others. It is more than a meeting of the minds; it is a fusion of souls.

Director: Paul Morrison
Cast: Robert Pattinson, Javier Beltrán, Matthew McNulty, Marina Gatell, Simón Andreu, Arly Jover, Esther Nubiola
MPAA Rating: R
Run Time: 1hr 47mins
Release Year: 2008
Country Of Origin: UK

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