Friday, June 5, 2009

Joyce Sommers receives NUVO Lifetime Achievement Cultural Vision Award

Join us in congratulating the Indianapolis Art Center's executive director Joyce Sommers as she receives her Lifetime Achievement Cultural Vision Award tonight.

June 5, 6:30 om
Athenaeum Building
401 E. Michigan St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Please visit the NUVO Cultural Vision Awards website at to read about the ten honorees for 2009, as well as the 100 previous CVA winners since 1999.

You are also invited join us this Friday, June 5, to honor the ten individuals and organizations being inducted into the NUVO Cultural Vision Awards family. The ceremony begins at 6:30 in the theatre of the Athenaeum Building.

About the Awards:

Honoring what's best in our community

11th Annual NUVO Cultural Vision Awards

The NUVO Cultural Vision Awards are an extension of what NUVO Newsweekly has aimed to accomplish since its inception—shine a light on those individuals and organizations in Indianapolis who are bringing cultural innovation to our community and making it a better place for us all to live.

Since we initiated the Cultural Vision Awards in 1998, we have had at least two goals in mind. The first was to recognize individuals and organizations in this city doing innovative work. Contrary to stereotype, Indianapolis is a place where new and creative things happen. Unfortunately, because of that stereotype - that this is the last place to adopt a new idea or way of doing things - genuine innovation here is often overlooked. The NUVO Cultural Vision Awards are about shining a light on the talented people and creative enterprises who defy that stereotype.

Our second goal for the awards can be summed up in a single word: community. Selecting and recognizing Cultural Vision Award honorees is an ongoing process. Nominees for the awards are suggested to us throughout the course of the year by people all over the city. Anyone can make a nomination - and anyone can be nominated. These nominations are compiled and brought before NUVO"s Editorial Committee, which, in a series of meetings, arrives at the final selection you find here.

Once again, this year"s honorees exemplify the qualities the NUVO Cultural Vision Awards are intended to celebrate. You"ll meet artists and activists, peacemakers and provocateurs, educators and innovators. Read their stories. Each one provides an opportunity to reflect upon our own commitment to community, as well as a reason to celebrate the culture of this place we all call home.

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