Thursday, February 5, 2009

Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association

Here is a link to the blog Urbanophile that nicely discusses the branding campaign going on within the Indianapolis Convention and Vistors Association (ICVA). The arts are included in the discussion.

From the Urbanophile:
Indy: ICVA Hits Home Run with New Brand Concept

Don Welsh, new president of the Indianapolis Convention and Visitors Association, is a man brimming with energy and confidence. The ICVA held its annual meeting last week where it unveiled its new brand concept. I've written a lot about civic branding and positioning in this blog (see "Our Product is Better Than Our Brand", "The Brand Promise of Indianapolis", and "Urban Aphorisms"). Knowing of my interest in the area, the ICVA kindly extended me an invitation to attend, which I was grateful to receive...

To read the the rest of the article click [here].

Thanks to Dan Cooper for the heads up.

For more information on the ICVA click [here].

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