Thursday, June 7, 2012

Call for Participation: Athenaeum Roof Project

What: Cassie on the Roof….

When: October 8 – October 13

Where: The roof of the “A”!

Why: 20 years ago David Willkie (new college grad) lived on the roof for 60 days lifting awareness enough to raise money to replace the roof, effectively saving the building…!

How to Help: We will be having a plethora of activities scheduled throughout the week culminating at GermanFest on October 13. We would like to make this opportunity available to a variety of artists to use this unique view/perspective every day on the roof.

We would like to dedicate a portion of the roof as “artist space” allowing painters, sketching, photography, etc. to come and get inspired. Other will be able to come to the roof, but the vast majority will be fundraising exploits. We want to allow the cultural community to participate for free!

Cassie Stockamp
317-655-2755 ext 155

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