Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Exhibition Opportunity: Bungalow in Broad Ripple Seeks Proposals


The Bungalow is pleased to present exhibitions featuring area artists in our newly created gallery space in our present location at 924 E. Westfield in BroadRipple Village. Broad Ripple Village is a center for arts and entertainment, designated as one of the 6 Cultural Districts of Indianapolis. Our location is in the center of the business district and highly visible.

If you or your group are interested in having a show at The Bungalow, please review the following guidelines and submit a proposal on the form provided to Diane Seybert at 924 E. Westfield Blvd., Indianapolis, In. 46220. If you have questions, call Diane at 317-514-6718 or email bungalowdee@gmail.com. Shows are scheduled on an ongoing basis through 2013.

Please include the following on a CD: Completed form and 10-12 images of individual work (no older than 3 yrs). Images should be jpegs no larger than 800 pixels in any direction at 72dpi. (Higher resolution images will be required for publicity if selected for show.) Image list corresponding to the file name on the CD with title, date, medium, and size for each piece. Also, a one page description of your proposed show.

Available space for the entire gallery is 60 linear feet with 12’ ceilings along 40' of that space. The upper gallery for smaller shows is 6‘X16’X6’ with 7’ ceilings. The northwest side of the space is also available for smaller shows, that space is 20' X 8' with 12' ceilings. Artist may apply for entire space or smaller area depending on size and quantity of work.


1. Artists are chosen based upon the quality and professional presentation of their work.

2. Priority will be given to artists who have some record of showing their work professionally but quality of work is the determining factor. We are seeking emerging, innovative talent and seek to nurture new talent as part of our mission.

3. Except for the annual spring and fall BRVA Gallery Tour openings The Bungalow will only provide an opening reception on the artists’ request. There will be a charge for these opening receptions, and we ask the artist(s) to share their email contact list with The Bungalow for reception invitations.

4. Art must have been created within the last 3 yrs.

Preference is given to Indiana artists.

5. Artists are responsible for preparing the work for exhibit.

6. All 2D work must be framed if applicable and fitted with wire ready for hanging, or otherwise presented in a finished and suitable way.

7. All 3D work should be supplied with any hardware or stands necessary for display.

8. The artist must submit a current resume and list of works with dimensions and prices.

9. All work shown should be for sale with a clearly listed price consistent with the artists’ current sales and prices at other venues.

The Bungalow will take a 40% commission on all work sold while in the gallery.

Shows typically last one month. All artwork not picked up within four days of the show closing is subject to storage fees.

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