Wednesday, January 5, 2011

SNAG Call for Entries

The CaFE site is accepting submissions for this production jewelry competition co-sponsored by SNAG and Hoover & Strong. The submission deadline is January 15, midnight (11:59 pm) Mountain Time. For information on what to design, how to submit and more, click here.

Students and professionals will be judged separately. There is no entry fee for students, however students must use a coupon code. If you are a student member of SNAG, get the coupon code here. We also mailed this code out to all professors or you can call the SNAG office at 541.345.5689.

SNAG members all receive a $15 discount off the Professional Designers $50 entry fee, paying only $35. Members must use a coupon code to receive this discount when submitting to CaFÉ™. All members were sent an email giving them the coupon code, or get it here.

Proceeds from the sales of the winning piece will be donated to The Nature Conservancy.

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