Thursday, January 22, 2009

Artist Membership F.A.Q.

Artist Membership F.A.Q.
Many artist level members of the Indianapolis Art Center have come to me expressing concern that they do not know the full-extent of artist services provided to them. Below you will find explanations on how to utilize these benefits.

How do I access the Artist Member’s Sketchbook to gain real-time information about exhibitions, calls for entry, jobs, artist announcements and current updates?
You're here at You can also visit the Art Center’s home page

What is the Art Center’s searchable database?
This is an online exclusive resource managed by the Art Center on the Art Center’s website at Only Indianapolis Art Center Artist Members with a valid membership can be listed on the searchable database. Artist members have the opportunity to submit up to four images of their work, post a hyperlink to their website and complete a profile questionnaire.

How do I get listed on the Art Center’s artist searchable database?
If you would like to be included in Artist searchable database please contact Patrick Flaherty, Exhibitions Associate to get the necessary materials and information. The Art Center reserves the right to select images and edit content

Once I have submitted my information to be included in the searchable database, when
can I expect it to be on the database?
The artist searchable database will be updated quarterly and as time permits throughout the year. It could be up to three months before your information is posted.

How often can I update my information on the searchable database?

You may submit updates to your artist profile up to two times per year.

Does the Art Center make artist referrals?

Yes. If an individual, corporation or organization contacts an Art Center staff member for an artist referral we provide them with a list of artists that we feel can meet their needs. Art Center members and visitors can also search the on-line artist searchable database at any time.

Do you offer a service where I can learn more about promoting my artwork?
Yes. Artist members can take advantage of one free consultation with David Kwasigroh, Art Center’s Director of Exhibitions and Artist Services to discuss the business of art and artist promotion.

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